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"Working with D'Argent Companies has been a fantastic experience for our firm! They not only bring professionalism, honesty, integrity and quality, they bring a sense of pride to every project big or small."

- Nate Warner, Executive Vice President & Founder, Warner Architectural Associates

Thomas Giallonardo, III

Thomas Giallonardo, III CEO
Thomas Giallonardo, III CEO
How I personify D'Argent Companies
Family owned and operated is more than just a factual statement at D'Argent; family is the core principle in which my company was founded on.

As founder and CEO of D’Argent Companies, Tom started his career over thirty five years ago as a brick layer.
In his early teens, Tom worked in and around the New Orleans area for his father’s masonry company. He later established his first business, North Shore Masonry during the mid-eighties. This allowed him the opportunity to become involved in all aspects of the construction industry.
While working as a masonry contractor for almost twenty years, Tom was always considering the future and contemplating various deals that would allow him to expand his business. In the early nineties, he successfully completed his first real estate transaction.
During the mid-nineties, Tom began purchasing real estate with little money down, as he did not possess much capital at the time. By using creative deal structures, he was able to avoid using partners, or investors to raise the money he needed. The experience provided him with invaluable insight and allowed him the ability to consider deals contrary to other developers. Tom is now able to use his wealth to assist other businesses in their own expansions, even if they do not possess all the funds that they require.
In addition to his proficient business approaches, Tom also work closely with all his employees. He strives to ensure that the office maintains a high morale and that he is available to anyone that requires assistance. His effectiveness in policy writing has guaranteed each employee a distinct role at D’Argent Companies and innumerable amounts of resources available to them.
Tom continues to be a paramount figure at D’Argent and has remarkable plans for the company’s future.

*Due to unforeseen health reasons, Tom has declared an indefinite leave of absence. He extends his sincere appreciation for all of the prayers and well wishes he has received. The D'Argent Team looks forward to Tom's return in the near future.

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