"We invest only in high quality real estate."

D'Argent Companies Home Office  located in Alexandria, Louisiana
Thank you for your interest in our property portfolio. When purchasing or leasing a D'Argent property, you can rest assured knowing that you are acquiring a first rate property.

If you do not find a property that meets your investment, or leasing criteria, please check back frequently, as we are constantly updating our portfolio.

We are currently seeking to extend our real estate services throughout central Louisiana by providing:

Property Management Services:
  • Create an annual operation budget for the property
  • Manage the property in accordance with the annual budget
  • Collect rent and enforce fees set by the lease to ensure optimal cash flow
  • Keep thorough records regarding the property's income and expenses, and the distribution of the owner's profits
  • Manage the document processes between the landlord and the tenant

Tenant & Lease Management:

  • Locate tenants to fill current and future vacancies
  • Screen and qualify potential tenants
  • Create and negotiate all tenant leases and terms
  • Manage all day-to-day landlord responsibilities
  • Manage tenant issues/defaults and the resulting landlord responsible actions
  • Manage tenant transitions from start to finish

Construction & Maintenance Services:
  • Manage the maintenance of the property, ensuring that the property is safe, visually appealing and operating at its maximum potential
  • Manage and coordinate contractor selection, work inspections and approval, cost controls and record keeping
  • Keep records regarding the property maintenance, including list of maintenance contractors, warranties, inspections, maintenance requests and repairs
  • Manage the construction of any renovations, additions, tenant build outs and other capital improvements

Feel free to let us know immediately what you are looking for in an investment, or rental property, so that we can start a search with your goals in mind. Email your criteria to us at 
info@dargentdevelopment.com. We will contact you as soon as we have a property available that meets your requirements.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your property investment and leasing needs.

Click HERE to download information regarding our Property Managment services.

D'Argent Companies, LLC, is licensed in Louisiana. Justin Giallonardo, CCIM, License # 0995690682

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