Our Story

"D'Argent. The company that stands firmly behind its promises."

D’Argent Companies has been a leader and innovator in real estate development and construction for over 25 years. Based in Louisiana, we specialize in single-tenant freestanding buildings, retail strip centers, offices and warehouses. To date, we have developed and constructed over 150 projects in eight states.

Our History

Thomas Giallonardo, III, Owner and Founder, D'Argent Companies and Commercial Real Estate DeveloperTom Giallonardo, III started his career over thirty five years ago as a brick layer.

In his early teens, Tom worked in and around the New Orleans area for his father's masonry company. He later established his first business, North Shore Masonry during the mid-eighties. This allowed him the opportunity to become involved in all aspects of the construction industry.

While working as a masonry contractor for almost twenty years, Tom was always considering the future and contemplating various deals that would allow him to expand his business. In the early nineties, he successfully completed his first real estate transaction.

As Tom continued to advance his company throughout Louisiana, he was able to form D'Argent Development in the early 2000's. He progressed his ventures and later established D'Argent Construction, as a department of the development company. When the business continued to flourish with third party entities requesting that D'Argent Construction take on various construction endeavors, Tom decided to make the department its own company.

D'Argent Companies is the name used to refer to both D'Argent Construction and D'Argent Development.

To date, D'Argent has constructed and developed over 150 projects in eight states, totaling a value of over eighty five million dollars at the end of 2016.


We often hear the comment, “You have a lot of Giallonardo’s on your staff.” That is because D’Argent is a family owned and operated company.

After graduating from college, both of Tom's sons joined D'Argent Companies. Tommy "Money" serves as President of Construction, while Justin serves as President of Development for the company. Tom's brother Roland currently holds the position of Senior Project Manager and has been involved with Tom in most of his business ventures over the last thirty five years.

Having learned the value of hard work and commitment at an early age, Tom believes that with a loving family and hard work, anything is possible. It is the same sense of family, hard work and commitment  that is carried into every D'Argent employee and customer. We truly value our relationship with our employees and customers and hope that you too, will become a part of the D'Argent family.

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