D'Argent Team

"D'Argent distinguishes itself from the fold by paying attention to detail and doing what they say they are going to do."

- Mitch Richardson, Co-Owner, Dr. Richard Hill and Hill Realty

Kyla Pugh

Kyla Pugh, Administrative Secretary
Kyla Pugh Administrative Secretary
How I personify D'Argent Companies
The entire D'Argent team works tirelessly to make certain that they provide the highest quality product to each client, while ensuring satisfaction. They remain grounded to their community and relish each chance they can give back throughout the year.

With over eight years of administrative and managerial experience, Kyla brings a positive outlook and enthusiastic initiative to the D’Argent team. She assists in ensuring the effectiveness of the office, maintaining the company calendar, answering the phones, drafting professional documents, preparing and modifying reports, as well as resolving administrative problems and inquiries.
Kyla holds a Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Recreation and Community/Commercial Recreation from Lock Haven University.

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