Our Story

"D'Argent. The company that stands firmly behind its promises."

D’Argent Companies has been a leader and innovator in real estate development and construction for over 25 years. Based in Louisiana, we specialize in single-tenant freestanding buildings, retail strip centers, offices and warehouses. To date, we have developed and constructed over 150 projects in eight states.

Company Values

D'Argent Companies strives to meet, or exceed our business partners' expectations. Our success will ensure that all team members have a career, not just a job, where they can build their future and wealth.

The following is a list of core values that reflect what is truly important to us as an organization:

  • We conduct all aspects of our business in a manner that inspires others to do business with D'Argent Companies.
  • We do what we say we are going to do, period.
  • If we make a mistake, we fix it! No matter the costs.
  • We do not cut corners on construction, or development. We use the best materials and tradesman available, irrelevant of their costs.
  • Treat all business partners as equals.
  • We do not conduct business with people, or companies that do not share our same values.

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