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Case Studies

TOPIC: Mi Tierra Restaurante Mexicano
PROPERTY: Alexandria, Louisiana
D'Argent Companies helps bring a central Louisiana favorite to Alexandria

When Irma Rodriguez, founder and owner of the popular Mi Tierra Restaurante Mexicano in Forest Hill, Louisiana, decided to build her second location in Alexandria, it was an undertaking she did not take lightly. She knew it was a move she wanted to make happen.  Mi Tierra had a large following from the neighboring city, and she knew it would please her faithful Alexandria clientele along with attracting new patrons.

The MacArthur Village Shopping Center is located in the geometric center of both traffic and commerce in Alexandria, making location selection for Mi Tierra simple. Location within the shopping center was another story. Two-thirds of the available space had recently been redesigned to accommodate a new retail tenant. 

The challenge: turn the completed remaining 4,000 square foot retail space into an entirely outfitted and operational customer-ready restaurant. This build would showcase how D’Argent’s non-traditional approach to business and all-encompassing operations methods make the D’Argent brand a staple in its field.

D’Argent Companies Superintendent and Estimator Chip Irick saw this task as priority, joining this job as acting Project Manager and D’Argent Project Coordinator Maggie Hawthorne as eyes and ears in the office. They, along with other members of the D’Argent Team, personally saw to every phase of work, from operating agreements to construction, displaying true architectural innovation in the process. Using their combined knowledge and the resources available to them, the teams worked through holidays and weekends to ensure that a quality finished product was turned over the customer on time and on budget.

As with all D’Argent Companies’ project, the Mi Tierra construction site was serviced with cameras, providing 24 hour per day live updates. This allowed for not only D’Argent management to maintain constant surveillance, but it allowed for a high level of transparency, providing the property owners with the ability to keep an eye on their investment in their absence and the public a well-informed of what is going on with this highly anticipated build.

Mi Tierra Restaurante Mexicano is located at 1460 MacArthur Drive in Alexandria, Louisiana. The 4,000 square foot restaurant seats approximately 130 guests. Construction lasted approximately 17 weeks, from mid-March to the first week of July. 

TOPIC: Aspen Dental
PROPERTY: Alexandria, Louisiana

D'Argent Companies builds Aspen Dental's first location in central Louisiana

Human equity is said to be the most valuable. The foundation for which D'Argent Companies builds its projects fist begins in the relationships that are build with people. What ended as the first Aspen Dental office to be built in the central Louisiana region began as a positive referral made by a previously satisfied associate.

Though there was a structure on the property at the beginning of the project's construction phase, completion of Aspen Dental took only six months. But quick and ease are not one in the same, for the D'Argent team was inundated with its share of obstacles. Days totaling over three weeks were lost during the job due to record amounts of rainfall in the area. Project Manager Chip Irick and Superintendent Steve Windham adopted the "Can to Can't" work ethic: work when you can, plan for work with you can't. This meant pouring concrete multiple times at 2:00 AM and working through holidays and weekends, ensuring that a quality finished product was turned over to the customer on time and on budget. It is this kind of tireless dedication, coupled with years of collective expertise and seamless coordination that ensure the D'Argent name remains a staple in the industry for years to come.

The completed Aspen Dental is 3,367 square feet and is located at 3709 Masonic Drive in Alexandria, Louisiana, one of the heaviest traffic areas in the city. Aspen Dental is based out of Syracuse, New York, with offices located in over 600 cities across 36 states.
TOPIC: Tres Amigos Office Complex
PROPERTY: Alexandria, LA

A Ground-Up Construction Project by D'Argent Companies

When the local firm Tres Amigos Investment Group LLC approached D'Argent Companies to construct its new aptly named Tres Amigos Office Complex, the chance to build in the rapidly growing Lake District of Alexandria, Louisiana, was an opportunity the D'Argent Team was not going to pass up.

The Creole Urban Cottage style chosen for Tres Amigos was a pleasing compliment to the different variations of French Colonial architectural typology of the surrounding homes and commercial buildings. It is this kind of attention to structual detail that makes The Lake District a centerpiece of real estate development in central Louisiana; and D'Argent's resolve that makes Tres Amigos of the district's cornerstone developments.

Though completion of this project took only six months, the crew at D’Argent was met with its share of setbacks, mainly the inclement and unpredictable weather that the Louisiana springtime is known for. Project Manager Chip Irick and Superintendent Steve Windham got to experience this first hand, dealing with the aftermath of a tornadic supercell that blew through the area only two months after breaking ground. While there was no structural damage to be had, subcontractors that were once committed to the project dropped in order to take emergency work. Through the perseverance and dedication of the D’Argent leadership, and the reputation built by the D’Argent name, the team was able to put the project back on track, finishing on time and on budget.

As with all D’Argent Companies’ projects, the Tres Amigos Office Complex construction site was serviced with cameras that provided around-the-clock live updates. This allowed for not only D’Argent management to maintain constant surveillance, but it also provided a level of transparency, letting the property owners keep an eye on their investment and the public well-informed of what is going on in their community.

The Tres Amigos Office Complex is located at 5448 Provine Place in Alexandria, Louisiana. The four suite, 10,367 square foot structure is home to different branches of the healthcare industry.
TOPIC: Southern Classic Chicken
PROPERTY: Alexandria, LA
D'Argent Companies Southern Classic Chicken Alexandria LA  When D’Argent Companies was contacted by the Louisiana-based restaurant, Southern Classic Chicken, it proved to be an exceptional opportunity to showcase D’Argent’s turnkey advantage.
Justin Giallonardo, President of Business Development, worked closely with everyone during the entire site selection process. The development team was able to provide three site options throughout Alexandria for the business to choose from. Once an ideal location was chosen by Southern Classic, D’Argent moved into its new role as contractor.
D’Argent worked seamlessly with iARCHiTECTURE and designed a layout that pleased the Southern Classic team.
Once the property had been acquired and the drawings finalized, D’Argent Construction stepped in and began the next phase of the deal. Roland Giallonardo, Senior Project Manager, headed the assignment. He was able to bring the project to a close on time and with only one item remaining on the final punch list.
This project is an example of how D’Argent Development and D’Argent Construction were able to suit their client’s needs. Not only are we able to complete the construction portion, but we also have the ability to undertake the site selection portion.
TOPIC: Texas Road House Remodel
PROPERTY: Alexandria, LA
D’Argent Companies Performs “Bump Out” at Local Texas Road House

When our local Texas Road House announced that it was going to be initiating a bump out project, D’Argent Construction immediately began putting together a proposal for the national restaurant chain. It was an ideal venture for the Central Louisiana based company, as the building was located only a couple of minutes from D’Argent’s office.
Led by Tommy “Money” Giallonardo President of Construction, D’Argent partnered with Kelley Construction, Inc. and began to establish a strategy.
Immaculate Completion and a Business Endeavor
After working diligently for several months, D’Argent Companies was able to finish on time and on budget, providing Texas Road House with an additional seating area and extended bathroom facilities.
As a result of the hard work they have displayed, D’Argent Companies has been provided an opportunity to bid upcoming projects and service various repairs required by Texas Road House.
TOPIC: CC's Coffee House
PROPERTY: Pineville, Louisiana

D'Argent Companies brings a southern staple to central Louisiana
Tabasco, king cake, crawfish boils, and CC’s Coffee House. Just four of the countless flavors that are woven deep into the fabric of Louisiana, making its culture one of the most unique and recognizable in the world.

D’Argent Companies began this journey by meeting with one of its partners in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who happened have close ties to CC’s Coffee House. The D’Argent Team was able to introduce its commercial build-to-suit program to CC’s Coffee House corporate management and a franchise agreement was born.

D’Argent knew Pineville, Louisiana, was the optimal setting for its first location and was confident its citizens would embrace the opportunity to have this Louisiana gem at their fingertips. Louisiana Highway 28 East was the obvious target, due to it being the major thoroughfare for local, regional, and commercial traffic as well as connecting central Louisiana to western Louisiana and onward into Mississippi. But where?

Several months, two churches, and a great deal of creative vision later, the prime location for CC’s Coffee House was found. Though prime does not necessarily mean ideal. The parcel was long, narrow, and steep; and the landscape was laden with trees. But where other companies saw obstacles, D’Argent saw opportunity. D’Argent’s Senior Project Manager Roland Giallonardo served as both Superintendent and lead Project Manager on the site and was tasked with bringing the structure to its proper elevation and making the parking lot level.

Not only did D’Argent carry its goal to fruition, Mt. Triumph Baptist Church received an upgraded entrance to its property which included cross-access; Pineville Park Baptist Church was granted an updated entrance and parking lot; and drainage issues that plagued the City of Pineville for years were resolved.

The D’Argent Team knew a strong operations partner was key to long-term success and joined forces  with Bercier Management LLC to operate the facility.

As with all D’Argent Companies’ projects, the CC’s Coffee House construction site was serviced with cameras that provided around-the-clock live updates. This allowed for not only D’Argent leadership to maintain constant surveillance, but it also provided a level of transparency, letting the management team keep an eye on the brand and the public well-informed of what is going on in their community.

The completed CC’s Coffee House is 1,500 square feet and is located at 2481 Highway 28 East in Pineville, Louisiana, one of the heaviest traffic areas in central Louisiana.
TOPIC: Huddle House
PROPERTY: Alexandria, LA

D’Argent Companies brings new franchise restaurant to central Louisiana

It was more than Lady Luck at play when the D’Argent Companies Leadership visited the Huddle House booth during the Restaurant Development & Finance Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. D’Argent knew that this type of establishment would be a breath of fresh air in the family dining segment of central Louisiana’s restaurant industry.

D'Argent Companies worked out a multi-unit development agreement with Huddle House's Corporate Leadership, with the first store to be built in D'Argent's MacArthur Square Shopping Center in Alexandria, Louisiana.

The challenge: turn a completed 2,500 square foot retail space into an entirely outfitted and operational restaurant and have it customer-ready in just four short months. This build would showcase how D'Argent's non-traditional approach to business and all-encompassing operations methods make the D'Argent brand a staple in the field.

D’Argent Companies CEO Thomas Giallonardo III saw this task as paramount, coming into the job as acting Project Manager, with D’Argent’s Senior Project Manager Roland Giallonardo as Superintendent. They, along with other members of the D’Argent Team, personally saw to ever phase of work, from operating agreements to construction, displaying true architectural innovation in the process. With their combined decades of experience and using all knowledge and resources available to them, this project was a prime example of how D’Argent Companies goes above and beyond to complete any undertaking.

Huddle House of Alexandria is located at 2710 MacArthur Drive, Suite D, in Alexandria, Louisiana.  The 85+ seat establishment supports the idea of “Any Meal, Any Time.” Since the opening of Huddle House, MacArthur Square has become a 100% occupied shopping center.



TOPIC: Little Caesar's
PROPERTY: Opelousas, LA
D'Argent Companies

Historical Site Approved By City Council to Develop By D’Argent Companies

D’Argent Companies had only recently put the polishing touches on their latest retail strip center when Duncan Enterprises, LLC approached them with a business opportunity. The Louisiana based multi-unit franchisee had seen the outstanding work produced by D’Argent and was eager to have them assist with his latest venture in Opelousas, LA. Duncan’s goal was to bring revenue, job opportunities and scrumptious food to the small town by building a Little Caesar’s Pizza restaurant.

Site selection was pivotal to the business’s success, due the heavily used drive thru window for hot and ready pizzas. D’Argent submitted several sites in the area of interest and decided alongside Duncan Enterprises, LLC that a corner lot would best suit their needs. The Louisiana Department of Transportation was immediately involved once a successful purchase agreement was drafted. After a few revised site plans, our access locations were permitted and the project was ready for the next steps.

Lead by their Vice President of Development, D’Argent Companies purchased a site and began consulting with the City of Opelousas. They were able to successfully navigate through real estate development challenges which included: support from the historic district, backing from the Opelousas City Council and approval regarding the arborist assessment. The most gratifying part of this process was discussing ideas for the center piece of the building with The Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts. The academy painted a large Muriel on the side of the building to accentuate the local culture that is so unique to Opelousas, Louisiana.

TOPIC: Hardee's
PROPERTY: Pineville, LA
D’Argent Companies Redevelops Former Burger King & Brings First Hardee's to Central Louisiana.
Hardee’s Comes to Pineville, LA

When the former Burger King building on Highway 28 East became a vacant structure, D’Argent Companies saw an opportunity for business, prosperity and revenue for the small Louisiana town. There was immense potential, but it needed an occupant that would maximize the entirety of its location. Once D’Argent made the purchase, they began heavily marketing the building to multiple food corporations.

The lot remained uninhabited for a few years, despite the considerable marketing efforts. D’Argent did not abandon their venture; they knew that the market would eventually shift in their favor if they remained steadfast.

When D’Argent first met Raceland QSR, they knew it would progress into a long lasting business relationship. They worked effortlessly together throughout the project adhering to deadlines and specialty building specifications.

Taking Out the Old, Bringing in the New

In an effort to maximize the new tenant’s full potential, the old building was torn down and construction commenced. The D’Argent crew was able to flawlessly coordinate with Hardee’s Corporation Design Team to make certain that the final concept would provide a modern and stylish design that would appeal to their customers.

Roland Giallonardo was the lead site superintendent and worked indefatigably to ensure that all aspects of the project were completed with the highest quality product and finish. Construction was concluded on time and under budget.

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